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Hong Leong Industries Berhad ("HLI") was incorporated as a private limited company on 5 May, 1964 and commenced as a mosaic tile manufacturer under the name of Fancy Tile Works Limited. It was converted into a public limited company on 13 March 1970 and was officially listed on the Stock Exchange of Malaysia and Singapore (the predecessor of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange ("KLSE") and the Stock Exchange of Singapore (the "SES") on 14 July, 1970.

In 1979 as part of a restructuring exercise, the tile manufacturing operation was transferred to a wholly-owned subsidiary and the Company's current name was adopted. HLI subsequently expanded its business from the manufacture of mosaic tiles to become the industrial and consumer arm of the Hong Leong Group Malaysia. After the separation of the KLSE and the SES, listing on both stock exchanges was maintained until 1 January 1990 when HLI was de-listed from the SES in accordance with KLSE listing requirements. KLSE has since been renamed as Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad as part of its demutualisation.

Principal Activities

Name of Company Country of Incorporation Effective Interest Principal Activities
Subsidiary Companies
Guocera Holdings Sdn Bhd Malaysia   100 Investment holding.
· Guocera Tile Industries Sdn Bhd Malaysia   100 Rental of properties.
· Guocera Tile Industries (Meru) Sdn Bhd Malaysia   70 Manufacture of ceramic tiles.
· Guocera Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Guocera   Marketing Sdn Bhd) Malaysia   100 Manufacture and sales of ceramic tiles and investment holding.
· Guocera Marketing Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore   100 General trading in ceramic tiles.
· Ceramic Research Company Sdn Bhd Malaysia   100 Research and development of ceramic tiles and related products.
· Guocera Marketing (International) Sdn Bhd Malaysia   100 Procurement and sale of raw materials, parts and components, and finished products of ceramic tiles for the local and export markets.
Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn Bhd Malaysia   69.4 Manufacture and distribution of motorcycles and other components, assembly of motorcycles and investment holding.
Hume Cemboard Industries Sdn Bhd Malaysia   100 Manufacture and sale of fibre cement products.
Hume Roofing Products Sdn Bhd Malaysia   100 Manufacture and sale of concrete roofing tiles.
Hume Marketing Co Sdn Bhd Malaysia   100 Distribution of building materials.
Malex Industrial Products Sdn Bhd Malaysia   100 Sale and distribution of fibre cement products and investment holding.
HLY Marine Sdn Bhd Malaysia   100 Distribution, trading and provision of services in marine related products and investment holdings.
Associated Companies
HICOM-Yamaha Manufacturing Malaysia Sdn Bhd Malaysia   30 Manufacture and assembly of motorcycle engines and parts.
HL Yamaha Motor Research Centre Sdn Bhd Malaysia   34 Provision of research and development services.
Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd Vietnam   24 Procure and assemble motorcycles, motorcycle spare parts and components and provision of maintenance and repair service for motorcycles.


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